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About Us

The Directors

Darrin Brandis

Darrin is also an experienced corporate psychologist who specialises in vocational rehabilitation, learning and development, debugging teams and consulting to organisations on a range of people issues.

Darrin enjoys food from regions throughout the world (particularly Malaysia). He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and likes to keep fit by swimming and running.
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Anya Stephens

Anya is a distinguished, registered psychologist with a range of experience. Originally from the UK, Anya has psychological experience in education, children and families, the justice system with both offenders and Justice staff and clinical interventions with individuals. Anya also specialises in vocational rehabilitation and developing teams within organisations.

Anya enjoys cooking, especially Indian food, but prefers eating it. She also likes to keep fit and calm through Yoga.
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The Team


PeopleSense delivers a national service through an extensive team across the region of Western Australian and, through our partners, the whole of Australia.

The PeopleSense team comprises a wide range of experienced professionals including psychologists, rehabilitation consultants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, ergonomists, and placement consultants. We pride ourselves on the quality and attitude of our consultants, who balance extreme professionalism with good humour and a down to earth approach.


PeopleSense has an extensive administration team who play a vital role in the smooth running of the organisation. From finance and invoicing to taking calls and booking appointments, our staff will manage all queries quickly and professionally and treat each client with respect and care.